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Garden Structures: Get Creative With Pergolas, Arches and Arbours

Does your garden lack a certain wow-factor? If so, adding a bold new garden structure should put things right. From the mighty pergola to the humble obelisk, decorative garden structures can add fresh personality while offering a practical space for shelter and climbing plants.

Grange Carousel Garden Pergola

At Oxford Garden Centre, most of our garden structures are provided by Grange, a traditional British company with 150 years of heritage. Grange’s range of pergolas, arches and arbours are as beautiful as they are well-built. Each structure boasts a pressure-treated timber frame with a smooth finish. (Please note: all Grange garden structures are currently on a 4-week delivery lead time.)

What are the benefits of garden structures?

Broadly speaking, garden structures are used for three reasons: to provide shade, to offer support for climbing plants, or as simple decoration. Certain structures can achieve all three in one go, depending on how they are used.

Here’s a quick summary of the most popular uses for garden arches, arbours and pergolas:

  • Tunnels and walkways – Does your pathway need a bit more drama? Simply add an extended pergola or series of arches. You could even install lighting or hanging plants to make the pathway even more inviting.
  • Gateways and entrances – Welcome visitors in style with an attractive arch or pergola at the entrance to you garden or outdoor dining space. As for gateways, a simple arch placed above a gate offers more impact.
  • Shaded areas – If you plan on dining or relaxing outdoors, why not do so in a naturally shaded area? Combine a pergola with vines or another material for an all-year-round sanctuary.
  • Plant and flower structures – Decorative garden structures are also the perfect place to grow climbing plants. Take your pick from simple arches to long porticos with the option of an added trellis.
  • Converting a bench – What do you call an arch placed above an existing garden bench? A cost-effective arbour!


Pitch-perfect pergolas

Grange Apollo Domed Pergola

Our Grange collection features five stunning pergolas, each made with pressure-treated timber that protects from the elements. The domed Apollo Pergola (£863.10) boasts a sleek frame ideal for covering circular patios or dining areas. Another circular option is Grange’s Carousel Pergola (£514.99), easily accessible from four sides. Or you could bring a slice of the Far East with the striking Dragon Pergola (£786.99)

For paths and walkways, the popular Grange Bowed Walkway Pergola (£635.30) offers plenty of overhead with its 3-metre height. Another big seller is the Traditional Pergola (£440.00), with a simple square layout ideal for lawns and patios. Both pergolas can be paired with a Grange trellis to allow roses and other climbing plants to flourish.


Awesome arches, attractive arbours

If pergolas are the show-stopping centrepiece, arches and arbours play the supporting cast. There’s plenty to choose from in our Grange collection, with a variety of styles at different price points.

Grange Elite garden arch with trellis sides

All our Grange arches come with integrated trellises, so you can plant those climbers on day one. For a traditional look, we recommend either the Elite Garden Arch (£148.20) or the Elite Granville Arch (£226.00). Both feature a classical dome topped design with square trellising. The Grange Bow Top Arch (£104.20) is a good entry level option with its no-nonsense frame and gently curving top.

For more adventurous types, the Grange Contemporary Arch (£416.80) boasts a seamless rounded frame with robust slatted sides ideal for any type of climbing plant. Alternatively, the Elite Portico Arch (£183.00) is made for covering a wider area, with its 2m+ width and impressive roof.

Grange Valencia wooden garden arbour with seating for 2

As for arbours, you should be looking for a balance of overhead shelter and comfortable seating. The Valencia Arbor (£224.50) or the Livorno Arbor (£403.10) both offer belt-and-braces protection from the weather with their steep, slatted roofs for water run-off. Fans of a curved room will adore the stunning Contemporary Arbour (£512,90), which boasts the same modern design as its arched namesake.


Obelisks, obviously…

If you’re looking instead for a simple frame for climbing plants – without the expense of a large structure – obelisks are the answer. In gardening parlance, an obelisk is a pointy “mini-trellis” structure that stands freely in a flower bed or border.

Paris decorative metal garden obelisk

Smart Garden offer several steel frame obelisks via Oxford Garden Centre. These include the Faux Rattan Obelisk (£14.99, 1.5m height) shaped like a witch’s hat; the intricate Paris Obelisk (£34.99, 1.8m); and the slender Eiffel Obelisk (£12.99 for 1.5m or £19.99 for 1.8m).


Any other business?

Grange Flower Circle contemporary garden arch

Plenty. Grange’s design team is known for thinking out of the box – just look at the spectacular Flower Circle (£522.50) now available at Oxford Garden Centre. This free-standing wonder adds panache to any garden area, whether over a pathway or as a standalone feature.

Luxury 8 sided Rivera gazebo with seating for 6 by Grange

And that’s not all. Are you ready to drop some serious dough in pursuit of garden perfection? If so, Grange’s 8-Sided Riviera Gazebo (£3,499.99 with seat and table; £2,999 without) is the last word in outdoor opulence. Dine in style, play outdoor board games, host garden parties, use it for an outdoor workspace – heck, you could spend half of your life under its majestic roof.


As mentioned earlier, our Grange garden structures are currently on a 4-week delivery lead time. However, we guarantee it’ll be worth the wait. You can explore the full range via the online shop, or visit us in person at our socially-distanced garden centre. In the meantime, feel free to speak to one of our experts via phone or email.