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The Best Bird Care Products & Tips For 2021

In the era of Lockdown, it’s important to treasure the positives. For us gardeners, one such silver lining has been the chance to spend more time with our gardens and to reacquaint ourselves with local wildlife – especially birds.

Blue Tit feeding in a garden

Just ask Sir David Attenborough, who revealed a newly-found interest in his garden visitors: “During the summer, I went for walks in my garden twice a day, at least … And I was listening to birds. I’m a rotten bird watcher – I don’t know one bird from the other – but I know a bit more this year than I did last, I’ll tell you that.”

If, like Sir David, you’ve fallen in love with local birdlife, why not invest in some quality bird care products? At Oxford Garden Centre, our bird care range includes great prices on bird tables, nest boxes, and bird feed, all available online with Free Local Delivery. If you’re not sure where to start, here’s a few of our favourite bird care products and tips…

Bird tables

Traditional wood bird tables and accessories by Tom Chambers

Bird tables provide a safe and enticing area for garden birds to feed. According to the RSPB, they’re especially useful between October and April, when birds’ natural food is in short supply.

Handcrafted in the UK, our Tom Chambers’ bird tables have proven immensely popular for their traditional looks and robust build. Leading the charge is the majestic Bedale Bird Table (£89.99, 1780mm) boasting a genuine slate roof and classical design flourishes. Smaller options include two “baby” table stands, Baby Dovesdale and Baby Bedale (both £69.99, 1650mm), and the quaint Bishopdale Bird Table (£49.99, 1500mm).

These tables are large enough to prevent crowding and fighting, while small enough to prove unattractive to pigeons and other pests. Their smooth, straight posts should prove impossible for cats and squirrel to climb. We also recommended buying the Tom Chambers Bird Table Accessory Set (£9.99), which includes a water dish, fine mesh seed tray, and bird feeder bracket.

All our Tom Chambers bird tables (except Bishopdale) are made from FSC-approved Scandinavian redwood and come in an easy-to-assemble two parts.

Nest boxes

A selection of garden bird nest boxes

Nest boxes offer shelter to all kinds of garden birds. It’s a good idea to fill them with dried grass or dry wood shavings to make the roosting experience a little more snug.

Once again, Tom Chambers is the hero of our nest box collection. The quirkiest of the bunch is our Acorn Handcrafted Nest Box (£24.99), which looks like – you guessed it – an acorn. With it’s 32mm entrance, the box allows for plenty of birds to pop in and out. At the more traditional end, we stock six classic Tom Chambers nest boxes in a range of shapes and sizes. Some, like the Oakwell Nest Box (£14.99) boast a genuine slate roof, while the Snuggler Nest Box (£6.99) offers a simple all-wood design.

Just like the bird tables, Tom Chambers nest boxes are handmade in Britain using FSC-certified timber.

Bird seed & food

A variety of quality bird food and nuts for garden birds

At Oxford Garden Centre, we are blessed with a vast range of bird food products from leading brands including Westland and Tom Chambers. The Peckish range features a dozen nutrition-rich bags starting at £3.99 – we recommend the Natural Balance Seed Mix (£3.99 for 1.7kg, £18.99 for 12.25kg) or Nice Nuts (£8.99, 2.5kg) as great all-rounders.

You can also target specific types of birds: robins with the Robin Insect Mix (£3.99, 1kg), blue tits with the Blue Tit Season Mix (£3.99, 1kg), and even chicks and fledglings with the Nesting & Young Bird Seed Mix (£5.99, 2kg).

Although Oxford Garden Centre is currently closed in line with government health advice, you can still order online in the usual way. We’re offering Free Local Delivery on bird care items and countless other products. If you have any questions about bird care, don’t hesitate to email us at enquiry@gardencentreoxford.com.