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New In: Cutting-Edge TenderFlame Oil Candles

Tenderflame Signal Hill and Camps Bay black oil candles

Looking for a smokeless alternative to traditional wax candles for your lounge area, dining table or patio set? Or perhaps you can’t quite stretch to a firepit table for your outside space and are researching other options? Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or enjoying a cosy night in, you need to try Kettler’s new TenderFlame oil candles. With their unique design and non-toxic fuel, these revolutionary candles provide the ambience you seek coupled with improved safety and lower emissions. Discover more benefits and available styles below.

What are TenderFlame oil candles & how do they work?

The latest addition to Kettler’s accessories range, TenderFlame candles are said to feature the world’s cleanest and safest ambient flame. As such, you can enjoy the soft glow and warm atmosphere offered by candlelight without polluting the air or putting your home at risk.

Tenderflame Lotus 10 round oak oil lamps

Products within the collection include luxury candles and lanterns of varying styles and sizes that can be used indoors or out. For example, as mood-lighting for a romantic dinner or as a sleek addition to a set of garden furniture. What better way to enjoy cocktails at dusk?

Each one runs off a newly developed fuel called TenderFuel, which is odourless, sootless and eco-friendly. Better still, unlike bioethanol, this new fuel will not burn when exposed to a naked flame. And it won’t ignite if accidentally overturned either – great if you have pets or kids.

Instead, all TenderFlame oil candles are designed to work only with Kettler’s patented steel wicks. Simply fill your chosen model’s oil tank and wet the wick with a small amount of fuel before lighting it. The fuel will then be channelled up into the narrow wick to feed the flame.

Another key safety feature is that only the very top of the wick reaches the required burning temperature. Anything below that, including the base which holds the oil, will get warm but not hot. This is thanks to the temperature-regulating wick holder that transfers very little heat. In fact, TenderFlame products are so safe that you can refill them while the candle is still burning!

Why choose smokeless candles over standard ones?

While you may not see the harm in classic wax candles, it’s much safer to opt for smokeless candles. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, paraffin wax candles, though common and affordable, are derived from petroleum. Not only is this far from eco-friendly, but it also releases potentially harmful chemicals as it burns. Particularly if you’re using them indoors.

On top of that, the black soot caused by incomplete combustion or additives in the wax can be problematic. Namely, it can negatively impact your home’s air quality and stain your walls and furniture. It can also be irritating to those who suffer from allergies – as can any added scents.

TenderFlame oil candles, meanwhile, are completely soot-free and fragrance-free. As a result, there is no need for additional ventilation or a chimney. The clean-burning flames are also much more consistent – ideal for creating a cosy backdrop or stunning centrepiece for longer.

Explore our environmentally friendly candle collection

Ready to take a closer look at the TenderFlame range? At Oxford Garden Centre, we have just launched a selection of Kettler’s state-of-the-art, Scandi-inspired oil candle designs.

TenderFlame Lilly 10

Tenderflame Lilly 10 black oil candles

If you’re new to smokeless candles, we’d recommend starting out with a TenderFlame Lilly 10. These elegant tabletop candles come with a black base and a clear glass top section to give you a clear view of the flame. Compact enough to use on side tables, mantlepieces and dining tables, these long burning candles are highly versatile and last up to 8 hours. Plus, the flame is 100 x cleaner than a wax tealight, making them a great substitute for classic indoor candles.

SPECIAL OFFER: Buy now to receive 500ml of TenderFuel free with your Lilly 10 order. This introductory offer is available for a limited time only, so be quick if you don’t want to miss out!

TenderFlame Café 18

Tenderflame large round oil candle with black and chrome base

If you’re after something similar but larger, how about the TenderFlame Café 18? Perfect for sideboards, coffee tables and as a striking dining table decoration, this chic candle boasts three wicks for a stronger flame. Choose a thermal-resistant black or grey ceramic base with sleek glass upper. Or upgrade to a homely oak surround with a choice of light or dark tones.

TenderFlame Amarylis 25

Elegant TenderFlame Amarylis 25 glass bowl oil candle with stone effect base

Alternatively, the TenderFlame Amarylis 25 features a distinctive conical bowl upper mounted on a tapered grey base. Made from durable steel, this contemporary lantern-like candle also has the added benefit of producing 600 watts of heat! Ideal for cooler evenings on the patio.

TenderFlame Signal Hill 12 & Camps Bay 3W

A pair of black TenderFlame Signal Hill 12 oil candles

Last but not least, are two luxury candles created by Halvor Bakke – one of Norway’s top interior designers. Interestingly, both are inspired by the mountainous landscapes of South Africa, with one essentially a larger version of the other. The first, TenderFlame Signal Hill 12 is a compact, two-tier design containing a single wick. This time, the top section consists of a matt black perforated wraparound grid, while the base showcases a mottle stone effect.

Meanwhile, the TenderFlame Camps Bay 3W has a taller grid section which takes inspiration from the Twelve Apostles Mountain Range that overlooks its namesake beach. Once lit, this garden candle’s three wicks create a large, dancing flame encased within the cage-like upper. This interestingly mimics traditional fire basket designs and gives it a slight rustic edge. Paired with an undoubtedly modern matt black finish, this candle can slot seamlessly into any home. And both designs work well on dining tables and outdoor bistro sets so the choice is yours!

Large TenderFlame Campus Bay 3W oil lamp with modern black finish

Browse the entire TenderFlame oil candle collection online or visit us in store to view our various models in person. We also supply bottles of compatible TenderFuel in two different sizes, along with ergonomic lighters for easy, mess-free ignition. What are you waiting for? Wave goodbye to sooty wax candles and say hello to luxury smokeless candles now!