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Eco & Organic Gardening

Oxford Garden Centre uses eco-friendly methods wherever possible. This includes having a water butt on-site to keep our plants quenched with recycled rainwater throughout the seasons. We also offer special offers on bulk quantities of our garden products to cut down on unnecessary plastic waste.

Go chemical-free and grow your own

We’re committed to pleasing all Oxfordshire gardeners. And while some want weedkillers and all-in composts, we fully appreciated that many of our customers prefer to keep things natural and favour organic gardening products. 

There’s nothing better than taking pride in a bit of “Grow Your Own” at the dinner table. And there’s no denying that an organic carrot pulled fresh from the earth is one of the most pleasing flavours known to man. 

What’s more, we understand the importance of chemical-free fertilisers and peat-free composts for those who want to maintain a natural wildlife eco-system and encourage gardening for children. It’s great to keep things pure to encourage beasties to your garden and so that the kids can enjoy the fruits of their labours! 

By supplying everything from seeds to soil to garden watering solutions that can help save water, we want to help you to embrace organic gardening and grow sustainably with your eco-ethics intact. 

Peat-free composts and organic composts

We already have a strong offering of composts that contain no nasties and we’ve noticed how popular they are among our established customer base. Our best-selling products here include:

  • Westland New Horizon All Plant Compost 50L (£6.99)  
  • Melcourt All-Purpose Peat-Free Compost 50L (£8.99) 
  • Melcourt SylvaGrow Organic Compost 50L (£8.99) 

Nice and natural, Woodland Horse Manure and Mushroom Compost can also be found among our eco-friendly compost range. This green gardening range is expected to grow further and we’d love your suggestions of green gardening products you’d like to see in-store and online.

Other organic garden products

As well as Vitax Organic Seaweed Concentrate 1L (£11.99), a natural highly-concentrated seaweed extract will help protect plants from environmental stresses and pests, we offer the chemical-free TDP Weed Suppressant Membrane to nip unwanted weeds in the bud.

Suppliers to our Gardening, Outdoor Living and Garden Structures ranges are also showing commitment to the responsible management of the world's forests. Grange Fencing – who supplies our arches, arbours and trellis solutions – uses FSC sustainable timber. As do Rowlinson timber, who supplies our log roll and log board garden borders, and garden furniture brands Kettler and Alexander Rose. Our Shire sheds and summerhouses are also crafted using high-quality materials from sustainable sources. The slow-grown timber is imported direct from Russia and Scandinavia.

As always, if you can’t see the eco gardening or organic gardening product you’re after on our website or in-store, please let our friendly customer service team know. They’re happy to advise and order-in the best solution – they might even add it to our growing collection.

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